My First Mile

December 15, 2014

I won – and my younger brother Ty came in pretty soon after. Most significantly for me – I still remember my time: 6:25.

By Michael Conner

On the eve of the first running event I had ever organized, I was doing a lot of thinking, contemplating just how I got there. Many years and experiences and most importantly, people – led me to that point. I was Race Director of TOM. TOM is The Oberlin Mile, which was run and made a bit of history, at least local history, in a small, rural...


I Have No Way to Compare Myself to the Greats

March 13, 2014

Andrew Huitt is a 1600m runner from Jesuit High School in Northern California. He recently joined the Bring Back the Mile movement in hopes of being able to one day compare himself to his heroes.  If you'd like to share your story, become a Mile Maniac and click on the Join the Movement button above.

By Andrew Huitt

I am a student at Jesuit High School in Sacramento, California. I started running Cross Country and Track my freshman year and it has helped me to create some of my best...


A Final Mile in Oregon

February 08, 2014

Peter Thompson, Vice President of the British Milers Club and Eugene, OR resident sent us in the following piece of remarkable Mile prep history. The images below were brought to his attention by Scott Krause who was at South Eugene HS in 1977.

The Axeman of South Eugene High School represented by Billy McChesney (pictured left) and Dirk Lakeman (pictured right), compete in one of the last regular HS Mile races in Oregon at the District 5AAA track meet. The following year Oregon and...


Breakfast with Bowden

January 31, 2014

On Thursday, January 30, BBTM had the privilege of spending time with the first American to break 4 minutes in the Mile: Golden Bear Don Bowden. Don shared that on the day of his historic 3:58.7 Mile on June 1, 1957 in Stockton, CA he was a student at Cal Berkeley sitting in an economics class taking a test (and had stayed up late the night before). He then drove himself the hour-plus to the race where he was originally entered in the 880. But legendary coach Brutus Hamilton thought he was a...


Return the Mile to prominence on the American sports and cultural landscape by elevating and celebrating the Mile to create a national movement.

Bring Back the Mile as the premier event in the sport, and increase interest in and media coverage of the Mile for both those who love the distance as well as the general public.

Bring Back the Mile to celebrate the storied distance and to recognize the people who made and make the Mile great and to promote Mile events and the next generation of U.S. Milers.

Bring Back the Mile to create a national movement for the Mile as America’s Distance,
to inspire Americans to run the Mile as part of their fitness program and to replace the 1600 meters at High School State Track & Field Meets across the country.

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