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Still unbroken after 40 years, what’s holding back an Irish Mile record?

September 24, 2022

Ray Flynn has a few different theories as to why his records have lasted so long, still there’s no denying the event has moved on.

By Ian O'Riordan, The Irish Times

In the old school playground where Ireland’s Mile record holder first learned to run, a class of pupils come racing by oblivious...

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How long before a woman runs a sub-4 minute Mile?

May 16, 2020

In the 66 years since the sub-4 door was opened, more than 1,500 male athletes have run a sub-4 minute Mile, while just 109 women have run 1500 meters in less than four minutes.

By Sonia O’Sullivan, The Irish Times

It's over 30 years now since I ran my first competitive Mile race. Back in...

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My favorite sporting moment: When Marcus O’Sullivan ripped up the boards at the Garden

April 17, 2020

It was one of the greatest highlights and inspiring moments of my first year at Villanova, definitely one of those moments where you get that feeling if you see it, you can be it.

By Sonia O'Sullivan, The Irish Times

In the winter of 1988 I’d just turned 18-years-old and had been at Villanova...

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The Natural: From Cobh to top of the world with Sonia O’Sullivan

November 29, 2019

In 1994, the Irish running legend was the fastest woman in the world over 1500m, the Mile, 2000m & 3000m, and also set a world record of 5:25.36 for 2000m.

By Cathal Dennehy, Irish Examiner

Safi, a port city on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, is not the kind of place you expect to be reminded of...

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Why running the Mile is still the perfect distance

December 15, 2017

It’s interesting how the Mile has always stood the test of time, still embraced worldwide, an anomaly alongside the standard Olympic distances.

By Sonia O'Sullivan for The Irish Times

There’s really only one good way to get warm in this weather, and that’s to go for a run.

Last Monday I...

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Sonia O’Sullivan’s achievements still a thing of beauty

December 18, 2016

Sydney Olympic silver medalist and multi-world champion has held or holds every Irish record from 800m to the half-marathon including a 4:17 Mile

By Ian O'Riordan, Irish Times

here is a perfectly good reason why Bob Dylan did not attend the Nobel Prize awards in Stockholm last weekend. Even...

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The Five Greatest Irish Runners in Villanova History

March 16, 2013

By Villanova Running

While observers might differ in the rank ordering of the best of the Irish Pipeline to Villanova, there is virtually no doubt that the top four Irish imports to have ever run at Villanova are (in my own rank order): Sonia O'Sullivan, Eamonn Coghlan, Marcus O'Sullivan and...

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