Grand Prix Standings

Through 4 of 4 races


1) Jack Bolas (NJ), 16 points, $2000
2) Jeff See (SC), 12 pts, $1000
3) Cory Leslie (SC), 10 pts, $250
3) Garrett Heath (WA), 10 pts, $250
3) Jordan McNamara (OR), 10 pts, $250


1) Heather Kampf (MN), 26 points, $2000
2) Gabriele Grunewald (MN), 18 points, $1000
3) Shannon Rowbury (OR), 10 points, $500
4) Morgan Uceny (MA), 8 points, $85
4) Rebecca Addison (MI), 8 points, $85
4) Monicah Ngige (KEN), 8 points, $85

Tour Prize Money Earned

Through 4 of 4 races


1) Jack Bolas (NJ), $6500
2) Garrett Heath (WA), $5250
2) Cory Leslie (SC), $5250
3) Jeff See (SC), $4800


1) Heather Kampf (MN), $12,000
2) Gabriele Grunewald (MN), $6500
3) Shannon Rowbury (OR), $5500
4) Rebecca Addison (MI), $3085

BBTM Grand Prix Tour Champions (2014-15)

2014 Jack Bolas  Heather Kampf
2015 Jack Bolas  Heather Kampf

Bring Back the Mile GP Tour 2015

2015 grand prix tour included four stops; total Tour prize purse exceeded $85,000 plus event bonuses; Running Warehouse’s “Pick-the-Winner” fan engagement contest

The total prize purse for the four Tour events exceeded $80,000 plus a $7500 for the Grand Prix purse. Per Tour event per gender, top 6 scored points (10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1) with the top 4 Grand Prix scorers earned GP prize money ($2000, $1000, $500 and $250).

The Running Warehouse “Pick-the-Winner” contest offered fan engagement at each Tour stop. HOW IT WORKED: the person who picked the men’s or women’s winner as well as the person(s) who was closest to the men's or women's winning time at a Tour event was in the running to win a Running Warehouse prize package, including footwear.

Tour news   BBTM Mile Calendar    Athlete Bios

​BBTM Grand Prix Tour 2015 final press release HERE.
BBTM Grand Prix Tour 2014 final press release HERE.

Minnesota Mile - Sun, Sept 13

Duluth, MN

The Minnesota Mile is run on a point-to-point course running through the heart of downtown Duluth on Superior Street and is the Home of the fastest Miles clocked in Minnesota! The event, the BBTM GP Tour 2015 finale, includes a number of race divisions including the professional Minnesota Mile with $20,100 in prize money.

BBTM Event Page & News Feed
Event Website

2015 Race Champions
Jack Bolas (NJ), 4:06.3, BBTM GP Tour champion
Gabriele Grunewald (MN), 4:38.0

Race story and results HERE.

Camel City Elite Mile - Sat, Jan 31

JDL Fast Track, Winston-Salem, NC

For 2015, JDL Fast Track set aside more than $15,000 in prize money, plus record bonuses and drew a national class field to kick-off the BBTM GP Tour, and the athletes did not disappoint - BAM! (see the below).

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Event Website

2015 Race Champions
Cory Leslie (SC), 3:56.99*
Shannon Rowbury (OR), 4:22.66#

Race story HERE.

*Facility, event and North Carolina state records (previous facility, event and indoor state records, 3:57.81, Cory Leslie (USA / OH), 2013, and previous overall state record, 3:57.3, Ken Popejoy (USA / MI), Durham, NC, 05/12/74)

#Facility, event and North Carolina state records (previous facility, event and indoor state records, 4:35.07, Sara Vaughn (USA / OR), 02/01/14, and previous overall state record, 4:34.05, Heidi Gregson (AUS), Raleigh, NC, 08/01/14)

Medtronic TC 1 Mile - Thurs, May 14

Hennepin Avenue, downtown Minneapolis, MN

The 2015 Medtronic TC 1 Mile, the second Tour stop, is again the site of the USA 1 Mile Road Championships and boasts a prize purse of $25,000 plus a $10,000 event record bonus. New this year for 10th edition, point-to-point course down heart of Hennepin Avenue!

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2015 Race Champions
Garrett Heath (WA), 4:09
Heather Kampf (MN), 4:46

Race story and results HERE.

GNC Live Well Liberty Mile - Fri, July 31

Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

This unique 1 Mile road race is short, fast and fun for the whole family. It features six waves of runners from the recreational level to the elite level with competitors and participants alike. The 4th GNC Live Well Liberty Mile, the third Tour stop, offers $20,000 in American Development prize money with $4000 for each Open race champion.

BBTM Event Page & News Feed
Event Website

2015 Race Champions
Jordan McNamara (OR), 3:59 (tied event record)
Heather Kampf (MN), 4:33, BBTM GP Tour champion

Race story and results HERE.


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