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Staples’ graduate Wynne breaks 4-minute Mile

February 01, 2016

"To finally do it is just an incredible feeling. When you look up on the scoreboard and you see your name and you see the time you did, it becomes real.”

By Bob Birge, The Hour

When Henry Wynne was winning cross country and track championships at Staples, Wreckers’ coach Laddie Lawrence...

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A Wire-to-Wire Wynne: Staples Standout Claims National Mile Title

June 16, 2013

By John Nash, The Hour

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As Henry Wynne sprinted the final few steps down the front stretch, his last-ever racing strides for the Staples High School boys track team, he raised his fist and broke the tape, emphatically meeting the final goal of his career.

Once again, he was...

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When a Miss Isn’t as Good as a Mile

May 25, 2013

By Jim Gerweck, Stamford Advocate

At last Tuesday's FCIAC outdoor track championships, two girls ran what might have been one of the greatest races in the history of the league -- and it basically didn't mean a damn thing.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, it was a race full of speed and glory,...

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Can Henry Wynne Conquer New York?

May 17, 2013

By Jim Gerweck, Stamford Advocate

There's a saying that a prophet is never appreciated in his own land, and perhaps that goes for athletic prodigies as well.

Henry Wynne, the UVa-bound Staples senior, might well be the greatest distance runner the FCIAC has produced. Wynne is certainly in the...

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Adidas Dream Mile Draws Six High School Athletes Ranked #1

May 07, 2013

Outstanding boys and girls Mile fields, including defending champion Bernie Montoya, expected in New York City on Saturday, May 25

NEW YORK – Nearly two dozen of the top high school athletes in the country – including six distance athletes ranked #1 in the United States – are now set for the...

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Hillhouse’s Precious Holmes, Staples’ Henry Wynne a Record-Breaking Duo

March 31, 2013

By Mary Albl, Minuteman News Center

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Staples senior Henry Wynne and Hillhouse senior Precious Holmes met for the first time on a rainy March afternoon inside the Floyd Little Athletic Center.

A few courtesy exchanges took place before they found common ground.

“I was...

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State Mile Guide: #5 Connecticut

March 28, 2013

Date of Statehood: January 9, 1788
Capital: Hartford
Motto: Qui transtulit sustinet (He who transplanted sustains)

The most profilic Nutmegger Miler in state history Jan Merrill set a U.S. Mile record in 1977, was a USA indoor Mile champion and a 1976 Olympian at 1500 meters. On the men's...

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Staples’ Henry Wynne Cements Status As League Legend

March 14, 2013

By Tom Renner, Westport Daily Voice

WESTPORT, Conn. – Until this year, former Westhill High School runner Kevin King had been the gold standard in Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference distance running. But after this winter, the new king of the 52-year-old league is Staples High...

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Staples’ Wynne Captures National Mile Title

March 11, 2013

By Mary Albl, Minuteman News Center

NEW YORK -- As he crossed the finish line Sunday afternoon at The Armory in first place, Staples’ Henry Wynne gave his signature fist pump, but this time it maybe meant a little bit more.

Running at the New Balance Indoor Track National Championships, Wynne...

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Wynne’s Winning Ways Resemble Steve Scott

February 06, 2013

High School Athlete of the WeeK

By Marc Bloom, Running Times

The story of Henry Wynne, the latest boys’ high school Mile luminary, is so retro it’s spooky.

Wynne’s mother, a runner, had to toss him out of bed as a freshman to join the high school cross country team. Once he took to running,...

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